piano monsters


4-7 year olds



New 5-week online course starting 1st August

11.45am Live on Facebook - available to catch up at any time

£40 for 5 weeks (20% discount on face-to-face lessons)

Piano Monsters is our most popular class! We have so much fun, discovering so much - without the children even knowing they are learning. We complete challenges each week, all ensuring a strong foundation of music education. All classes are currently taking place online. We have rewritten our exciting programme, to ensure the highest level of engagement and contact for our young students. 

Classes will be delivered live on Facebook each Saturday at 11.45am, but are available to catch up at any time. Additional activities, games and videos are posted throughout the week. We provide feedback to all students, as often as they would like it, via video - we love to see what the children are up to, and to send them messages to keep them motivated! 

During these staged classes, children learn:

  • Keyboard skills

  • Note-reading

  • Musical terms

  • How to play together in an ensemble

  • About lots of different music styles and cultures

  • Good aural skills - listening, singing, beating time



We are re-opening our face-to-face classes in September 2020


New classes available across Solihull

We have a number of new classes launching, available for booking now! Children will each have their own keyboard station, with everything they need for the lesson already laid out when they arrive. They will be safely distanced, but we will still be able to learn together and play as an ensemble. Classes will be comfortable, fun, and free from anxiety.


Online lessons will continue to be offered indefinitely. This is for anyone who is not yet able to return to face-to-face learning, but also for any children who are unable to attend a booked class for any reason. They will be able to access the class very easily, and it will mean that no child misses out on learning! 


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! 

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