Our Mission

Our Mission at Piano Monsters is a huge one: To provide exceptional, accessible and affordable music education to all children, in the UK and across the world. In 2021, we are forming a charity to ensure that this is possible, even for children who would usually be unable to do so. We are collaborating with leading educators and brands, bringing our message of importance to the forefront. We are offering the opportunity to own and run your own Piano Monsters business, enabling us to realise our mission of bringing lessons to children reaching far-and-wide.

Our Story

We are Luke and Lauren Elliott, a husband-and-wife team who dreamed up a world where music education is accessible to all!

Luke grew up in Stockton-on-Tees,Lauren grew up in London, and we moved to Birmingham in 2008 to study Music. 6 years, 2 Bachelor and 1 Masters degree later, we moved out to Solihull and Elegie School of Music was formed. Lauren did an internship with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and we started building a business called Elegie School of Music, teaching piano and drums to children and adults across the borough. We got married in 2015, and our baby boy was born in 2016.

We absolutely adored him, and soon found ourselves incorporating all kinds of musical activities into his daily life. We applied everything we had learnt from 10 years of university education, and 20 years of teaching experience between us.

It felt like someone had turned on the light! This is what we were meant to do! This is what the fire in our bellies really was about. I self-published my first book in 2018: Musical Mum – Learning Through Music In Your Babies First Year. Piano Monsters was born shortly after, around the same time as our daughter.  With it came the desire to share our teaching with families all over the world. We have developed a programme of learning for children, bringing music into their lives from an early age, and inspiring a true love of learning.

Our Piano Monsters programme of learning has been fully written by us, and is totally unique. It is child-led. It makes children love music. This is our motto, our goal, our ethos, the thing that drives us forward with Piano Monsters – music education that is accessible to all!

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