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Music Monsters is a family-run music school that is vibrant, diverse and fun. We want to make music lessons accessible to everyone, and these classes and lessons have been written to ensure that you, your babies and your children receive the very highest quality of music education - right from the beginning. 


Covid-19 Update: 

Our face-to-face classes have now resumed across Solihull! We are working in large ventilated spaces, and have a very thorough risk assessment in place for each of our venues. Classes are safe but very fun and engaging - we have worked so hard to adapt them for the current climate. 

1-2-1 lessons are being taught online during this time. There are online options for all of our classes, and we are delivering these with as much love and attention as our face-to-face sessions.


Our Baby and Toddler classes have been suspended during this period, but you can still find so many FREE games and activities on our Facebook page.  


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