Tropical Beach

Zoom Treasure Hunt Game

Treasure Hunt on Shipwreck Island

A blend of games, quizzing and solving clues: 

Who has stolen the treasure? 

Once upon a story, 

In a time that is long forgotten 

On a place called Treasure Island, 

There lived Van Bone, the Skeleton...

And so begins the mystery of the stolen treasure... With twists and turns all the way through, this will be the most entertaining night you've had in a long time!

Suitable for all who are looking for something a little different for their social-distancing evenings at home. 

Ideal for 6 players or couples.

Your Zoom Treasure Hunt Kit contains: 

- Top Secret Instructions for the Host, containing all game play instructions, character profiles & a playlist for use during a special music round

- A Powerpoint/Keynote presentation to display throughout your Treasure Hunt evening

- Scorecards and treasure map to be sent to all players

- Suitable for over 18s

Treasure Hunt on Shipwreck Island: 18+

Treasure Hunt on Shipwreck Island: 18+


"Haven't laughed so much in forever! Amazing night."

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"Loved the treasure hunt - finding the clues and following the map was a perfect dose of escapism"

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